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T-8 Ram Nagar Fort

Ramnagar fort is a sandstone-fortified structure that was built in 18th century by Raja Balwant Singh. It is located near the river bank. The present king Anant Narayan Singh lives in the fort now.

Ramnagar fort is a fortified building made with cream-colored sandstone built in Mughal styled architecture. The fort includes Veda Vyasa temple, Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman temple, museum, big astronomical clock, carved balconies, pavilions, Durbar hall and reception room. The private residence area of the king is not opened for tourists.

Attractions of fort:

  • 1. Museum : The museum inside the fort is also called as Sarawati Bhawan. This bhawan was a public audience hall in the past. Today the museum holds a rare collection of Ivory works, Vintage cars of America, Medieval costumes, Gold ornaments, Sedan chairs, Palanquins, Old Guns, elephant saddles and others. There are many books manuscripts, Mughal miniature illustrated books and others are also found here.
  • 2. Astronomical clock : The fort contains a rare clock which shows time - Day, week, month and astronomical details about the position of planets, moon and the sun. This clock was built in 19th century by an astronomer in the court of Varanasi king.

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