Morning boat trip + Walking

Tour Guide For Varanasi

T-1 Morning boat trip + Walking

This boat tour is combination of a boat ride and a walking tour of the southern part of the old city to explore the cultural diversity of Varanasi along with the oldest alive site in the whole Varanasi.

It will be a complete guided tour who has vast knowledge of culture of Varanasi and about history of River Ganga and every bit of small thing related to the spots covering while early morning boat ride will be explained. It will take about 2-3 hours, which will cover the boat ride and few spot near the Ghats like visiting and watching cremations rituals, meeting Sadhus/Adhori near Ghats.

Seeing the holiest temple of Hindus in the narrow lanes a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva but popularly known as Golden temple because of 1 ton of gold leaf pasted on the walls of it will leave you with some unforgettable pleasant memories.

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