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Incredible India tourist guides (IITGs) (IITGs) are highly qualified tourist guides licensed and approved by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. In India it is mandatory to own a license approved by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India to work officially as a tourist guide. The government provides the license to regional level tour guide and also runs a Incredible India tourist guides (IITGs) Training Program (IITGs). These programs and training sessions are conducted under the guidance of Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management (IITTM) or other government recognized institutes. These trained IITGs are experts in all the fields related to tourism, since they are the only category of Guides who provide assistance to the visiting tourists from arrival to departure, provide information on historical & cultural sites, museums & religious places, fairs & festivals. In other words they are historians & research scholars, trekkers & mountaineers, ornithologists & botanists, archaeologists & astronomers etc.

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T-1 Morning boat trip + Walking, T-2 Evening Arati ceremony, T-3 Sarnath, T-4 Heritage City Walk and many more...
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